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Guardianship of Minors' Estates (GDN)

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How do I establish a guardianship for a minor’s estate?

Guardianship of Minor’s Estates (GDN) are opened for children under the age of 18 who live in the District of Columbia and who are entitled to receive assets

General Information

A proceeding to establish a guardianship for the assets of a minor is begun by the filing of a package of five documents with the Office of the Register of Wills: (1) a petition for appointment as guardian of the estate of the minor, (2) a bond, (3) consents from the minor’s parents (if they do not both sign the petition for appointment), (4) a proposed order, and (5) a consent to the appointment of the guardian signed by the minor if the minor is age 14 or older. When the documents are ready to be filed, the petitioner (ordinarily, the person asking to be appointed as guardian), the minor, and counsel of record, if any, must appear before an Assistant Deputy Register of Wills for a brief interview.

Guardianship proceedings are governed by Chapter I of Title 21 of the 2001 edition of the District of Columbia Code. Superior Court Probate Division Rules 108, 221-223, and 225 also apply to guardianships. Find the District of Columbia Code here. Find the the Probate Division Rules here.

Please be advised that neither the Register of Wills nor any member of her staff is permitted to give legal advice with respect to any guardianship proceeding. Should help be needed to prepare or complete petitions for letters of guardianship or any other pleadings or papers to be filed in the Probate Division, consult an attorney.

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