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District of Columbia Courts

Procurement and Contracts Branch

The Administrative Services Division 's Procurement and Contracts Branch is responsible for small purchases, major contract acquisitions and SMART card operations.

Procurement Guidelines and General Contract Provisions

Procurement Guidelines: Approved by the Joint Committee on Judicial Administration, March 31, 2017

DC Courts General Provisions: For Use With DC Courts Supply and Services Contracts, March 2017.


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Bidder's List Application

If you wish to be placed on the District of Columbia Courts mailing list to receive solicitations, complete the bidder's list application. Applications can be completed and faxed or mailed in.

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Solicitation # Details Opening Date Closing Date Other Documents
DCSC-23-RFP-30 Court Case Management System (CMS) - Attachments J.1 to J.16 are attached to the RFP document Feb 14, 2023 Apr 10, 2023
DCSC-23-RFP-35 Design, Layout and Production of the New Strategic Plan and Multi-Year Annual Reports Feb 24, 2023 Mar 24, 2023
DCSC-23-IFB-047 IPM Pest Control Services Mar 01, 2023 Mar 31, 2023
DCSC-23-FSS-60 EEO Investigative Services Mar 16, 2023 Apr 27, 2023
DCSC-23-RFP-54 Soft Skills Development Training Services Mar 16, 2023 Apr 14, 2023
DCSC-23-RFP-68 Consultant Services for Probate Elder Justice Grant Mar 16, 2023 Apr 28, 2023
DCSC-23-RFP-82 Transcription Services for the District of Columbia Courts Mar 27, 2023 May 01, 2023
DCSC-23-RFP-67 Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Representation to Abused Neglected Children Mar 29, 2023 May 05, 2023
DCSC-23-RFP-78 GPS Electronic Monitoring Random Tracking of Offenders Apr 04, 2023 May 26, 2023
DCSC-23-RFP-76 Manage, Operate and Maintain Food Services at the Courts’ Café & Judges’ Dining Room Apr 14, 2023 May 19, 2023
DCSC-23-GSA-97 OMB Circular A-123 District of Columbia Courts Apr 25, 2023 May 23, 2023