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There are two types of mediation for Landlord & Tenant cases: Same Day Mediation and Jury Demand Mediation. Same Day Mediation is chosen by court clients on the same day they come to court for a hearing with the judge. Jury Demand mediation is for court clients who have requested a jury trial. In those Jury Demand Landlord & Tenant cases, it is mandatory to attempt mediation.

How do I…

Participate in Landlord & Tenant Same Day mediation?
In Same Day Mediation, parties to a case have come to court to see the judge, but decide in court that they would like to try to have a conversation together with a mediator to find creative solutions to their problem. This is voluntary. If one party does not agree to participate, both parties will see the judge. There are no advance paperwork requirements for Same Day Mediation. Parties show up on their scheduled court date and opt for mediation. For more information, see the Landlord & Tenant Same Day Mediation brochure.

Participate in Landlord & Tenant Jury Demand mediation?
In Jury Demand Mediation, the parties have requested a trial with a jury. Before that can happen, parties are required to attempt to resolve their differences together with the help of a mediator. The Confidential Settlement Statement must be filled out and submitted to the court in order to participate in Jury Demand Mediation. For more information, see the Landlord & Tenant Jury Demand Mediation brochure

Complete necessary paperwork in advance of Landlord & Tenant Jury Demand mediation?
The Confidential Settlement Statement (Click Here) must be filled out at least 30 days prior to your mediation date. You can find this form and its instructions on the right on this page in the featured topics.

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1:30 p.m.

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