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Warrant Processing in JIC

From 8:30am-5:30pm Monday through Friday, the assigned judge in JIC is generally responsible for reviewing, and approving or rejecting search and arrest warrants, as well as warrant returns and booking orders.  After 5:30pm, law enforcement officers should call the Mayor’s Command Center, or other designated contact, to reach the emergency judge on duty.

Warrants may be applied for in JIC regardless of the posture of the investigation or case, i.e. pre- or post-indictment. Pre-indictment, the general practice is that all search warrant applications are processed through JIC. Post-indictment, most trial judges accept motions filed by parties for warrants and issue them from chambers. However, warrants may also be obtained from JIC. Warrants related to grand jury proceedings should be presented to that assigned judge.

In JIC, there is no formal pleading or standard form that is presented. After receiving a case number from the Special Proceedings Branch, the law enforcement officer should bring to JIC the proposed warrant (with signatures from the appropriate US Attorney or Attorney General, including the date of review), complaint if appropriate, and an affidavit supporting the proposed warrant.

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