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Appellate Mediation

On January 9, 2017, the court initiated an Appellate Mediation program by Administrative Order 4-16. With certain exceptions, all civil cases on appeal from the Superior Court, Office of Administrative Hearings and Administrative Agencies, Boards and Commissions of the District of Columbia are eligible to be selected for mandatory mediation. Parties not represented by counsel will not be eligible to participate in mediation.

In all eligible cases filed after January 23, 2017, counsel will be required to file a Mediation Screening Statement with the Notice of Appeal or Petition for Review. Program staff will review the screening statement and other documents filed in the appellate court, and may consult with counsel, to determine whether a case is appropriate for mediation. If the case is selected for mediation, the court will issue an order for mediation that will identify the mediator from the court’s panel who will mediate the case. The mediator will be responsible for scheduling all mediation sessions. In most cases selected for mediation, the appellate deadlines will be stayed pending the conclusion of the mediation process.

Counsel will be required to provide a Confidential Mediation Statement to the mediator and mediation program staff within 15 days of the date of the order for mediation. Counsel are encouraged to provide information in their statement that will assist the mediator in helping the parties to resolve their appeal. The initial mediation session should occur within 45 days of the date of the order for mediation.

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Becoming a Volunteer Mediator

The Appellate Mediation Program is currently recruiting volunteers who are interested in becoming mediators for the court. Mediators must be licensed to practice law in any state in the United States and have significant experience mediating litigated cases. Mediators will be required to participate in an initial orientation and training program sponsored by the court, and to mediate a minimum of 2 cases over an 18 month period. The court will also offer periodic optional training and educational opportunities at no charge to panel mediators.


Mediators who would like to apply to become a member of the panel, please download and submit the application to areid [at] (subject: Web%20Application%3A%20Becoming%20a%20Volunteer%20Mediator) .

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Appellate Mediators

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To inquire further about the program contact:

Scottie Reid

Mediation Program Coordinator

Telephone: 202-879-9936