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Attorneys appointed by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) will find on this page links to documents of interest and of use in their practice before the court. Other material, including court rules and forms may be found elsewhere on the website.

The DC Court of Appeals maintains its own list of attorneys eligible for appointment under the Criminal Justice Act. This is a closed panel and the Court opens the panel up once a year (usually the beginning of June) for new applicants to apply. The court issues an announcement of when the court will accept applications and the requirement and at that time will have the application available on the website.

Voucher Guidelines for Attorneys Appointed by the DC Court of Appeals Under the District of Columbia Criminal Justice Act Download
Order Establishing CLE Requirement for CJA attorneys (Sep 2003) Download
CJA Plan Download
Obligations of CJA Counsel in the DCCA Download
CJA - Certification regarding counsel on appeal Download
Notice Concerning Annual CLE Requirement (April 2006) Download
CJA - CLE year end certification Download
Joint Committee Order of June 17, 1991 Download
Statement Regarding Transcript (criminal cases) Download
CJA-CCAN Hourly Rates and Statutory Limits for DCCA Appeals Download
Obligation to CJA Attorneys to Sign Up for Appointment in New Cases Download